Azelac RU 40000824


Acne, hyperpigmentations, rosacea, and photoaging.

  • Azelac is a unique range of products formulated with azelaic acid, designed for sensitive skin when chemical peels are involved. Azelaic acid’s characteristics include sebum regulating, keratinisation normalisation, bacteriostatic, inhibiting of the proliferation of reactive oxygen species and pigmentation regulating.

    What does Azelac RU contain?

    •  20% Azelaic acid
    • 10% Mandelic acid
    • 5% Phytic acid
    • 5% 4N-butyl resorcinol
    • 2% Ferulic acid

    What are the benefits of using Azelac RU?

    Use for:

    • rosacea
    • acne
    • psoriasis
    • folliculitis
    • melasma and other pigmentations

    Directions for use

    Used in combination with the following products within this method of use:

    First, thoroughly cleanse and degrease the skin and protect sensitive areas. Next, apply two coats of Azelac M using gauze soaked in the solution, beginning with the most resistant areas and move toward the most sensitive ones, waiting for the solution to dry before applying the next coat. Apply two coats of Azelac RU allowing the solution to dry. Two additional coats of Azelac Ru can be applied focally on the lesion. Next, apply one coat of Azelac peel can be applied focally on the lesion. Next, apply one coat of Retises nanopeel 1% gel.


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