Filorga X-HA3 (2x1ml)


1st polyvalent cross-linked hyaluronic acid dermal filler


Filorga X-HA3 (2x1ml). This pure hyaluronic acid gives quick and effective results to improve your skins natural brightness and hydration levels. The filler has many uses including filling wrinkles and redefining cheekbone structure, whilst also correcting lip shape and volume.

Ingredients and Concentration:

23mg/ml cross-linked hyaluronic acid (non animal)

What is in the box?

  • 2 prefilled sterile 1ml syringes that can be used to treat lips and cheeks
  • 4 sterile needles 27G1/2

What happens following injection?

Only a small amount requirement to be effective enough to get the results you need. The gel can be sculpted into tissues to create the natural look we wan.The equal consistency of the gel makes it even easier to apply.

X-HA3® has the following benefits:

  • Nasolabial folds
  • Marionette lines
  • Redefining facial contours
  • Reducing dark circles in the tear trough
  • Improving the area between the eyebrows and nose
  • Correcting lip volume
  • Benefits of Filorga X-HA3 (2x1ml)

    There are numerous benefits that are associated with Filorga ® X HA3 ® dermal filler that has made it one of the most sought after products. These include:

    • Due to the uniformity and consistency of its molecules, the gel introduce easily into the dermis.
    • It distributes evenly and spreads into the dermis thereby yielding results immediately.
    • It has elastic properties thereby making the skin not only soft but also tender and has a natural elastic look.


    How to Use this product

    Each injection session is complete with an NCTF 135 ® injection to redensify cutaneous tissues in a biological and natural way as X-HA3 ® resorbs.

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  • Features this product

    • This dermal filler is a monophasic biodegradable excipient and hence contains no particles at all
    • Filorga ® X HA3 ® has a characteristic of high molecular weight of 2.5 million
    • The concentration of hyaluronic acid is optimize to 23mg/ml
    • It is by far the least toxic reconstruction medicine due to the fact that it acts as an agent of the intermolecular bonding BDDE
    • It has been highly purified in order to encourage and optimize bio-compatibility
    • The hyaluronic acid in the product is obtain by natural bio-fermentation.


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