Retises Nanopeel 1% Gel


Treat photoaging, hyperpigmentation, scars and stretch marks.

  • Retises miraculously strengthens and accelerates anti-ageing mechanisms within the skin, as well as working as an acne and hyperpigmentation treatment.

    Retinol is a retinoid precursor of retinoic acid. It accelerates mitosis, increases enzymatic activity and normalises keratinisation. In addition, it nourishes skin youthfully, preventing new wrinkles from appearing, reducing depth of old wrinkles, whilst increasing skin´s elasticity. Furthermore, retinol attenuates the blemishes caused by excessive exposure to UV radiation, regulating keratinocyte mobility and proliferation. These peels can be used in combination with other antiaging, repairing, or depigmenting treatments (chemical peels, laser, IPL…).

    What does Retises Nanopeel 1% Gel contain?

    • Liposomed retinol

    What are the benefits of using Retises Nanopeel 1% Gel?

    • Treat uneven pigmentation
    • Treat photoaging
    • Create flawless skin
    • Reduce stretch marks

    Directions for use

    Apply on area to be treated. Leave for 8 hours before washing the area.


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